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    Polyurethane Catalyst Expert

Guangzhou Yourun Synthetic Material Co., Ltd. is a scientific research and production enterprise devotes to the R&D and manufacture of eco-friendly polyurethane catalyst, Polyurethane Additive and other Polyurethane component, including Eco-friendly Organic metal PU catalyst such as Organic Zinc Catalyst, Organic Bismuth Catalyst, which are substitutes for mercury catalyst, lead catalyst and DBTDL tin catalyst. Relying on the professional advantages and rich experience in the field of polyurethane, we provide customers with high-quality and differentiated technical solutions through innovative functional additives.


With the profound accumulation of the expert team and years of continuous R & D and innovation, Yourun catalyst has developed from a single series of CUCAT that initially replaced organic mercury to nearly 100 products of six series of CUCAT / AUCAT / WCAT / BCAT / ZCAT / FOCAT catalysts that now completely replace mercury, lead and tin catalysts. Among them, organic bismuth and zinc catalysts have realized the undifferentiated docking with known imported bismuth zinc catalyst products. Functional catalysts such as non foaming catalysts (substitutes for mercury catalyst), hydrolysis resistance catalysts (not lose effectiveness in hydrous materials), low VOC, reactive metal catalysts and other products have filled the gap in the industry and achieved a leading position in the industry. The product application fields has achieved full coverage from the initial elastomer to the current CASE based polyurethane field.


As one of the most professional and reliable manufacturers of innovative eco-friendly metal catalysts in China's polyurethane industry, Yourun are deeply trusted by the market, and has reached extensive and in-depth strategic cooperation with many leading enterprises in the industry.

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