FOCAT Series PU Catalyst

FOCAT series of Tin Free PU Foam Catalysts are special functional catalysts for polyurethane foaming


It mostly uses amine or the collocation of amine with strong gel metal catalyst T-9 (T-12) to product PU foam. However, tin has been strictly limited or tantamount to being banned in more and more export products such as toys, clothing, shoe materials and automobile interiors,etc. The only available eco-friendly strong gel metal catalyst without Tin is traditional organic bismuth. However, organic bismuth has many problems, such as low activity, short cream time, rapid hydrolysis and instability in aqueous material. The industry urgently needs more excellent eco-friendly metal catalysts.

◆ Hydrolysis resistance without failure. It can be premixed into the aqueous material, which is conducive to the confidentiality of the formula and avoid the trouble and error of on-site addition; However, organic bismuth and tin catalyst will gradually lose their catalytic activity when added to hydrous A materials.

◆ Eco-friendly, free of Tin, meeting VOC and TVOC requirements. Ensure compliance with harsh international environmental protection regulations such as REACH, ROHS, EN71-3, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, and meet the export requirements of foam such as toys, shoes and clothing.

◆ Extend the cream time, increase the strength quickly, and do not collapse or shrink.Due to the catalytic characteristics of special thermally active metal catalysts, the flow time is not affected or extended.  It release strong gel catalytic activity at late foaming stage.

◆ High catalytic activity and rapid increase the strength.The activity is higher than that of ordinary organic bismuth

Representative products are as follows, please click the Product Model to see more details.

Product TypeProduct ModelCatalytic FeaturesApplication Field
Special functional type FOCAT-8002Long cream time, rapid post curingHigh activity general purpose foaming catalyst
FOCAT-8003MExtend the cream time, solidify quickly in the later stage, and the skin is brightMDI polyether foaming system, such as steering wheel, foaming tire, etc
FOCAT-8004MIt does not affect the cream time, and the molding and demoulding are fastHydrolysis resistant, substitute for Tin catalyst in soft foam

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