ZCAT Series of PU Catalyst

Yourun is one of the companies that produce the largest variety of organic zinc catalyst in the world. Besides general purpose organic zinc catalyst, Yourun also provides special organic zinc catalyst, such as ZCAT-T50 with faster curing at low temperature. Yourun Organic Zinc Catalysts are divided into conventional type and innovation type, which have different application fields.


General characteristics of organic zinc

◢ Environmental protection: meet the requirements of international environmental protection regulations

◢ The catalytic activity is weak. In most cases, it is not used alone and needs to  collocate with bismuth; Special organic zinc catalyst such as T50 has high activity and can be used alone.

◢ Weakly promote post curing reaction; Special organic zinc catalyst such as T50 promotes fast post curing.

◢ The influence of flow time is small


ZCAT Series of Organic Zinc PU Catalysts

Comparison of T50 and organic zinc in promoting post curing


Classification of organic zinc catalysts: it is subdivided into four sub series: ZCAT, ZCAT-E, ZCAT-Z and ZCAT-T. in addition to the products that have no difference with imported brands, it also provides special organic zinc catalyst, such as ZCAT-T50 with faster curing at low temperature.

Representative products are as follows, please click the Product Model to see more details.

Product TypeProduct ModelMetal ContentApplication FieldsCompatibility with Imported Products
Organic ZincConventional TypeZCAT-EY1818±0.5%General purpose fieldsCompatible and no difference
ZCAT-EX1616±0.5%General fields, low viscosity and good compatibilityCompatible and no difference
ZCAT-EZ1919±0.5%General purpose fieldsCompatible and no difference
ZCAT-EZ2222±0.5%General purpose fields, Especially suitable for aliphatic isocyanate systemCompatible and no difference
Innovative TypeZCAT-T50Fast post curing; Keep good activity at low temperature; It is especially suitable for soft PU elastomers, such as gel glue, cooling pad, shoe material, etc. to improve the easy viscosity of soft PU surface, close to the silica gel characteristics of soft but non stick.Yourun innovative products

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