Functional PU Catalyst

Different from the general purpose catalyst, the functional catalyst is a series of catalysts developed to replace organic mercury, lead and tin catalyst in various applications of polyurethane or to meet certain specific catalytic requirements according to the reaction characteristics and molding process of various isocyanates and active hydrogen:

Series NameSignificant CharacteristicsApplication Field
CUCAT seriesIt is an eco-friendly metal catalyst that is insensitive to water and does not target and catalyze (weakly catalyze) the reaction between water and isocyanate, which is environmentally friendly and similar to the catalytic characteristics of organic mercuryAll fields, especially CASE field
AUCAT seriesHydrolysis resistant, non foaming, eco-friendly, free of tinAll fields
WCAT seriesOne component moisture curing catalyst, non foaming,  high activity at low temperatureCoating, adhesive, sealant
FOCAT seriesInnovative eco-friendly catalyst for polyurethane foam; Catalytic activity is slow before and fast after; The catalytic activity in aqueous material is stable and does not fail; substitute for tin catalyst.Foam

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