What are the products of Guangzhou Yourun?
Guangzhou Yourun focuses on the research and development of polyurethane catalysts, functional additives and other synthetic materials related to polyurethane. Its main products are as follows:
1. Polyurethane Catalyst
2. Polyurethane Additives, include Defoaming Agent, Abrasion-resistant Agent, Antistatic Agent, Anti-yellowing Antioxidant, Release Agent, Moisture Removing Agent, Foam Inhibitor, Anti-settle Dispersing Agent, Viscosity Reducer, etc.
3. Polyurethane Chain Extender
4. Polyurethane Adhesive
What are the applications of Guangzhou Yourun's products?
Guangzhou Yourun's products have a wide range of applications, covering almost all fields of production and use of polyurethane materials, including and not limited to the following fields:
1. Various of Elastomer
2. Waterproof and Anti-corrosion Coating
3. Floor and Runway Coating
4. Material for Leaking Stoppage and Structural Reinforcement
5. Coating and Painting
6. Polyurethane Adhesive and Sealant
7. Polyurethane Foam
8. Polyurethane Leather and Slurry
What are the advantages of Guangzhou Yourun's catalyst products?
Guangzhou Yourun catalyst has a complete range of products with different properties, which is specially designed to solve the pain points in various application fields of polyurethane and meet the requirements of environmental protection.
1. BCAT & ZCAT series organic bismuth and zinc catalysts: the products are imported and can be customized.
2. Organic Bismuth-zinc Composite Catalysts : zero VOC, reactive, special for TPU, accelerated curing T50, etc.
3. AUCAT series catalysts: hydrolysis resistant, substitute for organic tin and organic bismuth.
4. CUCAT series catalysts: do not catalyze the reaction of isocyanate with water and do not foam.
5. RM series thermal sensitive high activity catalyst: environmentally friendly, no nickel, no foaming and no reduction in strength.
6. WCAT series one component wet curing catalyst: fast curing at low temperature; Non yellowing.
Can Guangzhou Yourun provide customers with polyurethane product formula?
With years of technical precipitation and strong scientific research strength in the field of polyurethane, Guangzhou Yourun provides all-round polyurethane technical services and cooperation based on catalyst, which can provide customers with polyurethane product formula suggestions and meet customers' requirements for product differentiation. However, it should be stated that the provision of formula suggestions by Guangzhou Yourun does not mean that the customers can be exempted from the responsibility of verifying the effectiveness of the formula and testing the applicability of Yourun products. Due to the complexity of practical formula and production process, customers are welcome to keep in touch with the technical engineers of Guangzhou Yourun at any time.
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