Moisture-cured PU Catalyst

In view of the toxicity of T-12 (dibutyltin dilaurate) and its harm to the environment, the international environmental protection regulations have more and more stricter requirements on its limit, and it have been banned in some fields such as toys and clothing. In the fields where it can still be used, the prepared work should be done in advance for its elimination and substitution. T-12 also has some disadvantages, such as loss of catalytic activity at low temperature, foaming and cracking in application of elastomer.

WCAT is a series of catalysts developed for many shortcomings of T-12, such as high toxicity, many bubbles, low activity at low temperature, etc. In the application of one-component moisture-cured polyurethane, WCAT has many characteristics, such as reducing viscosity, reducing bubbles, shortening curing time, greatly improving the curing speed at low temperature and fast curing in winter.


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