CUCAT Series of Bubble Free Catalyst

CUCAT series of Non Foaming PU Catalyst are ideal catalysts substitute for mercury catalyst in non foaming CASE field. Organic mercury catalyst has four unique characteristics: activity is slow before but fast after, no foaming and high performance. In particular, the characteristic of no foaming is the unique symbol of organic mercury. It is generally used in various isocyanate and active hydrogen systems, but the high toxicity of organic mercury makes it almost banned in the world. Years of research have proved that it is impossible to completely replace organic mercury with only one environmental protection catalyst. CUCAT series catalysts are developed by subdividing the application of organic mercury in various polyurethane systems. The catalytic effect of organic mercury can be achieved or even exceeded by selecting different CUCAT catalysts for different systems.


Remarkable characteristics of CUCAT series catalysts: no foaming

Conventional catalysts in polyurethane industry  basically have a strong catalytic effect on the reaction between isocyanate and water, which is difficult to meet the requirements of no bubbles in most products of CASE field. At present, it is recognized that organic bismuth, whose catalytic properties are closer to that of organic mercury, can not avoid foaming, bulging and cracking even if a more stringent moisture control production process is adopted, for only controlling the moisture in raw materials is not enough, environmental factors, including trace moisture in the air, are difficult to control but have a great impact. Organic bismuth is still unsatisfactory, organic tin and amine catalysts that are more sensitive to water are even less applicable.

CUCAT series catalysts are developed to meet the bubble free requirements of products in CASE field especially polyurethane elastomer. Different from the common moisture sensitive amine/tin catalysts, it does not catalyze (weakly catalyze) the reaction of trace moisture with isocyanate, so as to avoid generating CO2 bubbles. Under the working conditions of high temperature and high humidity, it can also effectively avoid the result of multi bubbles, cracking, bulging, peeling and lusterless, surface stickiness, etc.

Taking CUCAT-DG02 catalyst suitable for MOCA curing as an example, its typical characteristics are very close to organic mercury. See the following charts for details:

CUCAT Series of No Foaming PU Catalyst

Features of water insensitive and no foaming

CUCAT Series of No Foaming PU Catalyst

Process performance of slow before and fast after

Representative products are as follows, please click the Product Model to see more details.

Product TypeProduct ModelMost suitable system / catalytic characteristicsApplication Fields
Conventional functional typeCUCAT-DG01/DG02Polyether + ISO + MOCA; Similar to mercury catalystMOCA cured elastomer castors, rollers, miscellaneous parts, etc
CUCAT-HAAGeneral purpose catalyst; Very insensitive to moistureGeneral purpose catalyst, applicable to case field
CUCAT-K6General purpose catalyst; The flow time is slightly longerGeneral purpose catalyst, applicable to CASE field
CUCAT-SW02DPolyester system; It has thermal activity, activity is slow before but fast after; Substitute for tin catalystScreen, KPU shoe material, solvent-free leather, etc
CUCAT-GF01/GF02PAPI + castor oil; activity is slow before but fast afterElectronic potting glue, especially castor oil
CUCAT-HA02Polyether + amine + MDI; viscosity / strength rise fastSpray polyurethane urea, faster than bismuth at low temperature, better aging resistance
CUCAT-HSMDI + BDO + Polyester / PTMG; activity is slow before but fast afterElastomer of MDI system, wheel, screen, etc.
CUCAT-E01/E02/E03TDI + polyether + DETDA; substitute for mercury and leadTransparent elastomer does not fog and turn white
CUCAT-S01MDI system, the flow time is longer than that of T12Suitable for extrusion polyurethane; In the occasion when the flow time is too short by using T12.
CUCAT-HSTMDI+PPG+BDO system; mild heating and fast post curingCASE field especially for MDI+PPG+BDO system. mild gelling, small shrinkage.
Heat sensitive functional typeCUCAT-RM60General purpose catalyst with thermal activity, low activity at room temperature, long flow time, rapid curing at elevated temperatureIt can be used in products of CASE field such as soft glue, solvent-free leather and adhesive, especially in the process of weak heat sensitivity but fast post curing
Reactive and low TVOCCUCAT-V18General purpose catalyst for gelling; Reactive, zero VOCIt is recommended to the fields that strictly control VOC such as automobile, plastic runway and floor
Special functional typeCUCAT-U2Special catalyst for targeting and catalyzing the reaction of isocyanate with carbamateIt is used in the synthesis of water-based isocyanate curing agent to reduce viscosity, improve compatibility and chemical resistance, and help upgrade the performance of curing agent.
CUCAT-G5AIsocyanate trimerization catalyst, with mild activity and easy to control reactionSynthetic TDI curing agent, reduce free TDI content < 0.5%
CUCAT-WN seriesIt is soluble with sodium silicate and the exothermic reaction is gentleIt is used for curing system of isocyanate and sodium silicate, such as coal seam reinforcement, which meets the new safety standard

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