• catalyst CUCAT-HA02

Eco-friendly Catalyst for Polyurethane Urea CUCAT-HA02

CUCAT-HA02 is an eco-friendly catalyst for Polyurethane Urea which does not contain harmful restricted components such as heavy metals, azo and o-phenyl ester, complies with EU EN71-3 environmental protection regulations, and is an eco-friendly substitute for organotin, mercury, lead and other catalysts.


Product Model: CUCAT-HA02

Typical Properties

Appearance: Yellowish to reddish transparent liquid

Density (g/cm3, 25℃): 1.033

Viscosity (mPa.s, 25℃): 580±100

Smell: With special compound smell

Solubility: Soluble in polyether polyols.

Applications: It is widely used in spray polyurethane urea.


Features & Advantage:

Because the reaction rate of polyol (generally PPG) contained in component P of spray polyurethane / urea with water and MDI is close. If the catalyst with strong catalytic effect on water (sensitive to water), such as organic bismuth, is selected, it is impossible to avoid foaming, bulging, cracking, peeling and other adverse phenomena, due to the reaction of trace water with isocyanate to produce CO2 under high temperature and high humidity conditions.

CUCAT-HA02 is an improved version of CUCAT-HA01. Based on the unique targeted catalytic characteristics and extremely high catalytic activity of non catalytic reaction of trace moisture with isocyanate, CUCAT-HA02 is used for spraying polyurethane / polyurea. The remarkable characteristics are as follows:

It can effectively avoid foaming and bulging. The colloid is dense without bubbles and has higher strength. Compared with organic bismuth, it is less sensitive to trace water and can effectively avoid the reaction between water and isocyanate.

Improve the poor phenomenon of hollowing and peeling, and improve the adhesion fastness between the coating and the base surface. Greatly reduce the influence of wet substrate and water vapor on the coating under high temperature and high humidity conditions, and avoid the problem of hollowing and peeling caused by gas accumulation at the bonding interface caused by the use of organic bismuth catalyst.

It solidifies faster than organic bismuth at low temperature, which is more suitable for winter construction. Compared with organic bismuth, HA02 maintains higher catalytic activity in a wider temperature range.

Thick coating is more firmly bonded. Improve the synchronization of internal and external curing of thick coating and reduce the shrinkage stress caused by asynchronous curing of thick coating. It has better reaction coordination than organic bismuth and reduces the shrinkage stress of the coating.

It has better anti-aging effect than organic bismuth. Most metal catalysts promote the reaction while reducing the aging resistance of the materials. HA02 has better aging resistance than organic bismuth.

The formula is flexible in material selection to further reduce the cost. Minimize the use of expensive amine terminated polyether and aromatic amine (DETDA), allow the use of low activity diamines such as MOCA to replace DETDA as  component P, and there will be no adverse phenomena such as foaming and bulging. However, the use of ordinary bismuth catalyst to reduce the amount of DETDA or MOCA is very easy to foaming and bulging.

High catalytic activity, rapid increase of viscosity and initial strength. Allowing the use of cheap low activity MOCA to replace part of DETDA or use more PPG, it still has sufficient catalytic activity.


Users Guide:

Ø When using, it is recommended to be added into component P (non isocyanate component), preferably after vacuum degassing and before sealing, and stir evenly; It is not recommended to be added into component I (isocyanate components). If plan to add it into the component I, the applicable test should be conducted first.


Handling & Storage:

Product should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight, excessive heat and rain.


Package: 25kg/200kg in HDPE drum

Shelf Life: The unopened shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacture. After shelf life, please do test to make sure the catalytic properties before use.

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