CUBD-NL04 is the upgrading product of CUBD-NL03, and its color is lighter. In the molecular structure, the special functional groups which are highly soluble in the amide group and the urethane group are introduced into the molecular structure. They are designed specifically for the structural rigid bonding of the polyurethane elastomers with the surface of various types of nylon, and can also be used to the bonding of TPU, PU foam / sealant to nylon surface. It is widely used in the bonding of nylon wheel to PU to produce elevator wheels, casters, and the composite bonding of nylon glass fiber cloth to PU.

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Product Model: CUBD-NL04

Typical Properties:

Appearance: Light brown viscous liquid

Density (g/cm3, 25℃): 0.972

Viscosity (mPa.s, 25℃): 50-100

Smell: with special smell

Solubility: Slightly soluble in water, soluble in isopropanol, toluene, acetone and other solvents.


Features & Advantage:

Nylon (PA, polyamide) is a polar material with regular molecular arrangement and high crystallinity, but its bonding strength with polyurethane is low, especially for the Nylon mixed with some glass fiber or recycled materials, It is difficult to form a structural and firm bond with polyurethane. Its unique performance is as follows:

◆ The process temperature is wide and the requirements for nylon type are not high. It can realize the firm bonding between cast polyurethane and various nylon surfaces in the range of 20-120 ℃, including PA6, PA66, cast nylon (MC nylon), glass fiber modified nylon, etc.

◆ Excellent adhesion fastness. It is especially suitable for the need of dynamic high-temperature and high shear resistance bonding, such as polyurethane nylon tires, rollers and other workplaces that require tear resistance under continuous heavy pressure, so as to effectively ensure that the polyurethane remains firmly bonded without degumming before it is worn out.

◆ The glue is stable and has a long pot life. After spraying CUBD-NL04, the surface to be bonded can be used for up to 72 hours without reducing the bonding strength as long as it is kept clean and free of dust and oil.

◆ Less dosage. The characteristics of low viscosity and high wettability make it possible to completely infiltrate the bonding surface regardless of the spraying operation, so as to avoid the strength reduction or failure of the bonding surface caused by the inclusion of bubbles when use the general adhesive with high viscosity.


User’s Guide:

▶ Before spraying and brushing CUBD-NL04, it is recommended to carry out necessary treatment on the bonding surface. Generally, sand blasting should be carried out after cleaning (it is not necessary to clean if there is no oil stain) to make the surface roughened (it is not recommended to sand blast before cleaning). Note that the bonding surface shall not pollute sweat, oil, etc., otherwise the bonding strength will be affected.

▶ General products can be sprayed once to ensure that CUBD-NL04 completely covers the bonded surface. Surfaces with complex shapes can be sprayed once or twice as appropriate. Spraying more than 3 times is not recommended. Too thick adhesive layer is not conducive to the improvement of adhesive strength.

▶ After spraying, dry it thoroughly at room temperature, which generally takes 30-60 minutes. After drying, the post process preheating or pouring operation can be carried out;

▶ If it is used for high-quality and firm bonding between TPU and nylon, it is recommended to spray a layer of CUBD-3625 glue on the nylon surface after spraying CUBD-NL04 for about 20 minutes, and then dry it for 30-60 minutes before injection molding. For the use method of adhesive CUBD-3625, please refer to the product manual.



Please store it in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse far away from fire, sunlight and rain. Please note that it must be kept closed.


Package: 25kg / 180kg in HDPE drum


Shelf Life:

Unopened shelf life is 12 months from the production date. After expiration, it can still be used if it passes the inspection.

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