Attached Table: Product Selection Guide for Applications in Polyurethane Coating / Synthetic Resin

ModelEnvironmental protection CompatibilityTargeting and CatalyzingCatalytic ActivityPropertyApplication
1. Hydrolysis resistant catalyst (can be stably stored in aqueous components for a long time without deactivation)
AUCAT-101AUCAT-201It meets the requirements of  restricted components of toy paint, such as heavy metals, azo, phthalates, etc.Lipophilic, highly compatible with hydroxyl acrylic resin, polyester resin and polyether resin It has high catalytic targeting for the reaction of isocyanate and hydroxylHigh~Mild101 can significantly accelerate the curing of paint film. Good compatibility, the paint film does not lose gloss; Improve the abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of paint film; Stable storage in aqueous polar solvent, no hydrolysis failure, fast curing at low temperature. For PUD synthesis, the emulsion transparency can be improved, and the film-forming glossiness is high; 201 has a long pot life and promotes the crosslinking and curing of the paint film. It can collocate with 101 to adjust the pot life and the drying speed of the paint film.2K oil-based polyurethane coating, hydroxypropyl coating, closed isocyanate baking paint, PU resin synthesis, PUD synthesis, etc
AUCAT-101WAUCAT-201WHydrophilic, easy to emulsify, disperse and compatible in water based coatingsHigh~MildIt can be added to water-based emulsion / coating components, the activity is stable and not failure during storage, the paint film does not lose gloss, fast curing at low temperature; It can avoid yellowing, thickening and gelatinization when the catalyst is added into the curing agent; 101W has high catalytic activity, 201W can promote crosslinking reaction and improve hydrolysis and chemical resistance; The combination of the two can adjust the pot life and the drying speed of the paint film.2K Waterborne Polyurethane coating, waterborne hydroxypropyl coating, waterborne closed isocyanate baking paint, etc
AUCAT-RM301AUCAT-RM301WGood compatibility with various resins, 301 is lipophilic,  301W  is hydrophilicHighThermal sensitive catalyst, it has no catalytic activity at room temperature. When the temperature rises to the thermal point (about 70 ℃), the catalytic activity increases geometrically and the film is formed rapidly. 301W can be added into waterborne emulsion / paint for stable storage without failure.Oil-based and water-based closed isocyanate baking paint.
AUCAT-106Highly compatible with polyester, polycaprolactone, polycarbonate, polyether and other polyols, hydroxyethyl acrylate, etcModerateCatalyze the synthesis of UV curing resin without side reaction, good transparency and stable storage.the synthesis of UV curing resin
AUCAT-1301HighIt has significant thermal activity, moderate catalytic activity at room temperature, and geometric growth of catalytic activity at elevated temperature.Synthesis of low activity aliphatic PU resin
2. Conventional catalyst (non hydrolytic type)
CUCAT-HN6Eco-friendly tin catalysts, in compliance with REACH / ROSH regulations.Lipophilic type, good compatibility with various resinsIt has high catalytic targeting for the reaction of isocyanate and hydroxylHighIt is not sensitive to trace moisture and reduces pitting and pinholes on the surface of the paint film. 2K oil-based polyurethane, hydroxypropyl coating, closed isocyanate baking paint
CUCAT-S02HighLong pot life, fast post curing, rapid film forming.Solvent free leather coating and PU resin synthesis
WCAT-WS8A/WP01ACatalyze the reaction of isocyanate with waterHighHigh catalytic activity at low temperature, fast surface drying, and rapid film formation in winter construction.Wet curing resin, wet curing coating
CUCAT-U2It meets the requirements of  restricted components of toy paint, such as heavy metals, azo, phthalates, etc.Lipophilic, good compatibility with curing agent.targeting and catalyzing the formation of urea formate group and biuret groupModerateA special catalyst for the synthesis of waterborne isocyanate curing agent, which targets and catalyzes the grafting reaction of specific active hydrogen and isocyanate to increase the functionality of curing agent. It can significantly improve the water resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, gloss, fullness and other characteristics of the paint film.Synthesis of waterborne isocyanate curing agent, special Pu and PUD resin
CUCAT-G5ACatalyze isocyanate self polymerizationModerateTrimerization catalyst, it can significantly reduce the content of free TDI when used to synthesize TDI curing agent.Synthesis of TDI curing agent.
BCAT seriesLipophilic, with good compatibility with most resinsCatalyze the reaction of isocyanate with hydroxylHighGeneral purpose organic bismuth catalyst; metal content: 16-28%2K oil-based polyurethane, hydroxypropyl coating, closed isocyanate baking paint, oil-based PU resin synthesis, PUD synthesis
ZCAT seriesGood synergy, used as cocatalystMildGeneral purpose organic zinc catalyst; metal content: 16-22%
 3. Other functional additives (for non-aqueous systems)
Product NameProduct ModelAppearanceProduct Property
DefoamerYRXP-02Transparent liquidNon silicon efficient defoamer with good compatibility and transparency.
YRXP-06Translucent liquidOrganic silicone efficient defoamer wigh good foam inhibition and breaking effect, it can quickly eliminate micro bubbles and large bubbles.
Antistatic AgentCUCE-WTransparent liquidExcellent antistatic effect, less addition, light color, does not affect the appearance of the coating.
Anti-yellowing AntioxidantUVK-CL2Yellowish transparent liquidGood compatibility, migration resistance, UV resistance, yellowing resistance, high efficiency and less addition; The color is light and does not affect the appearance chroma.
Anti-settle Dispersing AgentYRFC-03Transparent liquidNon ionic neutral, it can disperse a large number of powder particles absorbing on the surface by only adding a small amount, and effectively reduce the adsorption between powder particles, prevent powder sedimentation, hardening and color change, and improve the anti sagging property. The function is similar to BYK-410.
Viscosity ReducerYRFC-06ABrown transparent liquidHigh efficiency dispersion agent and viscosity reducer, excellent powder dispersion, significantly reduce system viscosity, improve leveling, and reduce paint film defects such as brush marks, peeling and pinholes.

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