Polyurethane Coating and Painting

Polyurethane Coating and Painting

Application Field: Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane coatings include oil-based polyurethane coatings and water-based polyurethane coatings. The resins involved include polyether or polyester resin, hydroxypropyl resin, PUD, etc. The Yourun catalysts suitable for coatings are divided into conventional catalysts and functional innovative catalysts.


Recommended Products:

1. conventional catalyst:

I. Organic bismuth / zinc catalyst: BCAT-E20, ZCAT-EZ22 and so on, which are substitutes for imported products without difference.

II. Eco-friendly tin catalyst: CUCAT-HN6 and so on, which are substitutes for T-12.

2. Functional innovative catalysts: AUCAT-101, 101W, 101WA, 201/201W, etc.


Solve the pain points and have the characteristics as follows:

For oil-based coating: 

solves the problem of deactivation of premixed catalyst. Oil-based coatings mostly use polar ester solvents with strong water absorption. The inevitable trace moisture leads to the gradual hydrolysis failure of organic bismuth and tin catalysts during storage, resulting in slow or even non curing of coatings. AUCAT series catalysts have the characteristic of anti hydrolysis without inactivation.

For water-based coating:

1) Solve the problems of deactivation and compatibility after adding catalyst. Due to the compatibility problem, traditional catalysts such as organic bismuth and organic tin cannot be added. The addition of organic amine catalysts will lead to problems in the coating such as yellowing during storage, bubbles and many pinholes during film formation.

2) Solve the problems of curing agent after adding catalyst. In order to improve the curing speed of paint film (especially in winter), the solution is usually to add catalyst to the curing agent component. Although it can solve the problem of hydrolysis failure of catalyst, it will lead to unstable storage and yellowing of curing agent. On the other hand, either organic bismuth or tin will affect the gloss of the paint film, especially for water-based coatings. AUCAT series catalyst does not need to be added into curing agent.


Unlimited expansion of oil / water-based coating formula:

Since the curing speed of the paint film can be adjusted by the catalyst, the available raw materials will be wider in the design of resin synthesis and coating formula, which makes up for the problem of giving up the selection of some raw materials that can improve the physical properties of the paint film due to giving priority to the surface and internal dryness of the paint film.

Polyurethane Coating and Painting

Attached table: Catalyst Selection Guide for applications in polyurethane coating

Oil-based2K PU Coating★★★★

PU Baking Paint★★★★

Water-based2K PU Coating


PU Baking Paint


★★ ——strongly recommended    ★ —— recommended  ☆ —— usable

(This guide is only a rough directional guidance. The actual formula process is complex and diverse. The accurate suitability needs to be confirmed by test or communicated with Yourun engineer.)

The above are only some of the products in application.

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