Curing Agent

Application Field: Curing Agent


Recommended Products and Product Features:

1. Special targeted catalyst for the synthesis of water-based curing material.

Recommended Products:CUCAT-U2

Product Features:

It is used for the synthesis of water-based curing agent. It can target and catalyze the grafting reaction of specific active hydrogen and isocyanate, and can improve the following characteristics of curing agent:

1) Low viscosity of curing agent: it only targets and catalyzes the formation of urea formate group and biuret group, and does not catalyze the side reactions such as the self polymerization of isocyanate, and solves the problems of unstable viscosity and gradually yellowing color of curing agent during storage.

2) Increase the functionality of the curing agent: it can significantly improve the water resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, gloss, fullness and other characteristics of the paint film.

3) High film transparency. Based on the above targeted catalysis, the molecular structure of curing agent is branched.

4) Increase the NCO% of curing agent : graft monomer isocyanate.

5) Good water dispersibility: Based on the higher grafting rate of isocyanate monomer and hydrophilic monomer.

Curing Agent

2. Special catalyst for synthesis of TDI trimer curing agent (reducing free TDI)

Recommended products:CUCAT-G5A

Product Features:

It is used for the synthesis of TDI curing agent, and its characteristics are as follows:

1) Reach the standard of environmental protection: significantly reduce the content of free TDI, and the single volume of free TDI can be reduced to less than 0.5%;

2) High catalytic activity, less addition and shorter reaction time;

3) Stable storage: neutralization and inactivation in the later stage of reaction, and the curing agent is white and transparent.

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