Polyurethane Synthetic Resin

Application Products: Synthetic PU resin


Recommended Products:

General Purpose Catalyst:

Organic bismuth / zinc catalyst: BCAT and ZCAT series, substitute for imported catalyst without difference.

Eco-friendly tin catalyst: S02, WS8A, WP01A, etc, substitute for T-12


Special functional catalyst: AUCAT-101、AUCAT-1301

As an eco-friendly substitute for organic tin, organic bismuth has many defects in the synthesis of polyurethane resin. The poor compatibility between organic bismuth and polyester polyol leads to turbidity and fog in the synthesis of polyester polyurethane resin, which affects the transparency of the resin, and then affects the transparency and gloss of the dry film of coating. AUCAT series highly compatible catalysts can solve the above problems and have the following characteristics:

◆ It is highly compatible with polyester polyols and does not turn white;

◆ The oil-based PU resin and UV curing resin synthesized with it have good transparency and no fogging;

◆ The synthesized water-based PUD is more transparent;

◆ The dry film of resin has good transparency and high gloss.

◆ AUCAT-1301 is recommended for the synthesis of HDI polyester PU resin, which is an ideal substitute for organic tin. Its characteristics are as follows:

1) In the synthesis process, the viscosity increases quickly, the synthesis time is shortened, and the process stability is the same as that of organic tin. It solves the problems of low catalytic activity of organic bismuth, slow increase of viscosity or even failure of viscosity (slow increase of molecular mass or even failure to produce high molecular mass resin).

2) The catalytic activity is close to that of organic tin, more than 20 times higher than that of organic bismuth. The dosage is slightly higher than that of organic tin, but only one tenth of that of organic bismuth. In fact, even if the amount of organic bismuth is increased, the activity is still significantly insufficient.

3)  The finished resin has good transparency and light color.

Synthetic Resin

Attached table: Catalyst Selection Guide for Applications in Synthetic Resin

Product Model Application Field
AUCAT-101AUCAT-1301CUCAT-S02Organic BismuthOrganic ZincWCAT-WS8AWCAT-WP01A
Synthesis of oil-based PU resin★★★(HDI type)★★

Synthesis of water-based PUD★★★★

Synthesis of PU modified UV resin★★

★(Polyether type)

Moisture curing PU resin


★★ ——strongly recommended    ★ —— recommended  ☆ —— usable

(This guide is only a rough directional guidance. The actual formula process is complex and diverse. The accurate suitability needs to be confirmed by test or communicated with Yourun engineer.)

The above are only some of the products in application.

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