​The 2021 China Polyurethane Exhibition (PU China 2021) was Successfully Carried Out

Exhibition time: July 28-30, 2021

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

Guangzhou Yourun Booth No.: No. 44, international exhibition area


The exhibition products include the following Guangzhou Yourun full range of products:

FOCAT series foam catalyst

AUCAT series hydrolysis resistant metal catalysts

CUCAT series non foaming eco-friendly catalysts

RM series thermal sensitive eco-friendly catalysts

BCAT and ZCAT series organic zinc bismuth eco-friendly catalysts

Other polyurethane additives: defoamer, wear-resistant agent, antistatic agent, anti oxygen and anti yellowing agent, release agent, water removal agent and foam inhibitor, anti sedimentation dispersant, viscosity reducer, etc


With its production and business philosophy of "solving problems for customers", Guangzhou Yourun's products can really solve various difficult and miscellaneous problems encountered by customers in polyurethane application. In this polyurethane exhibition, Guangzhou Yourun not only attracted a large number of buyers, but also attracted the attention of the industry. Exhibitors, including industry leaders, also came to "consult" one after another, Guangzhou Yourun booth is really "crowded". In fact, Guangzhou Yourun has been cooperating with leading enterprises in various industries, the visit of the industry leaders in this exhibition made the cooperation open. Guangzhou Yourun is grateful for the support of its peers and will continue to work hard to develop new products, solve problems for customers and continue to become the darling of the industry.

The 2021 China Polyurethane Exhibition (PU China 2021) was Successfully Carried Out

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