Electronic Potting Glue

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Electronic potting glue, LED light strip glue, nameplate glue

Electronic Potting Glue

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Product Features:

1) HAB, K6 and PDAA are more suitable for transparent electronic potting glue, which are substitutes for organic mercury catalyst.

◢ Reduce bubbles and low sensitivity to moisture. If it collocates with chain extender TDMA-DLH02, it can effectively avoid or reduce stubborn bubbles at tin welding parts.

◢ Catalytic activity is slow before and fast after: collocates with post curing catalyst T30, it can greatly shorten the post curing time without shortening the flow time, and has the same effect of accelerating the post curing of aliphatic non yellowing potting glue.

◢ K6 has weak thermal activity, which is similar to the imported well-known catalyst 604.


2) WCAT-WS8 and CUCAT-GF02 are recommended for electronic potting glue with castor oil as raw materials, which is better than common T-12. The description is as follows:

◢ WS8 has higher catalytic activity than T-12 and is more suitable for machine perfusion.

◢ Compared with T-12, GF02 has more obvious process characteristics of slow before (long flow period) and fast after (fast curing).

◢ GF02 relatively reduces the catalytic reaction between isocyanate and water, and effectively solves the problems such as bubbles and pinholes on the casting surface.

◢It does not contain dibutyltin, which meets the environmental protection requirements for the export of electronic products.

Electronic Potting Glue

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