Mine Screen and Scraper

Mine Screen and Scraper

Application Fields: MDI Screen, Scraper

Recommended Products: AUCAT-RM301、AUCAT-202、CUCAT-SW05/SW06 


Products Features:

1)RM301 has significant functions of thermal sensitivity and delayed catalysis, and has similar characteristics    of organic mercury that does not catalyze the reaction between isocyanate and moisture. It is recommended to be used in MDI + Polyester + small molecular diol (BDO / EG) system with the following characteristics:

◢ Sufficient flow time and fast post curing. The initial viscosity rise of the material is not obvious, and the fluidity is good. It can quickly fill the mold cavity to meet the material filling at the fine grid of the screen. Collocates with an appropriate amount of 202, the flowable time of RM301 can be further prolonged without affecting the post curing.

◢ Insensitive to moisture, no bubbles. It hardly catalyzes the reaction of isocyanate with water to avoid problems such as bubbles, pinholes, pitting and cracking. After reaching the thermal sensitive point, the catalytic activity is higher and the reaction is more sufficient than that of organic tin and mercury catalyst.

◢ The thermal mutation temperature point is clear. Different isocyanate and active hydrogen systems have different thermal sensitive points, which are roughly distributed in the range of 60-80 ℃. The comparative experiment shows that when the oven curing temperature is slightly 10-20 ℃higher than the thermal sensitive point, and the processability and physical properties are the best.

◢ Environment friendly, not contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, tin, etc.

Mine Screen and Scraper

2)In view of the dark color of RM301 and its coloring effect in most formulations, SW series light color catalysts were developed. SW05 is similar to a well-known catalyst SD2.4, but the post curing is slightly faster; SW06 is similar to organic mercury.



When designing the formula, it should be noted that the activity of the polyester polyol produced by different manufacturers is different, which has different effects on the catalyst of MDI formula system; RM301 and 201 are generally used in polyether and polyester systems , and SW series is only applicable to polyester systems.

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