Soft PU Products

Soft PU Products

Application Fields:

Soft PU gel (gel glue) products such as bedding, cool pillow, magic sticker, mouse pad, sucker, etc.

Recommended Products:

organic bismuth zinc (BCAT, ZCAT, BX series), AUCAT-101, AUCAT-201, etc.


Product Features:

◢ Organic bismuth control gel time and catalyze the rapid growth of polymer chain. As an auxiliary catalyst, organic zinc can speed up the post curing and shorten the molding time

◢ The combined use of bismuth and zinc can adjust the gel and molding time according to the formulation and process requirements.

◢ AUCAT-101/201 are reactive catalysts with catalytic characteristics similar to bismuth / zinc catalyst, but they are grafted to polyurethane macromolecules in the final reaction, that is why they will not produce odor, while the free state of organic bismuth and zinc catalyst in the product will emit odor. 101/201 can be premixed with polyol components in advance and stored stably without inactivation, while the pre addition of bismuth and zinc will gradually hydrolyze and inactivate, which must be added and used on site, and it is inevitable that the curing will be slower and slower due to the gradual failure of the catalyst under the working conditions of high humidity and high temperature in summer.  Organic bismuth / zinc catalyst will cause fogging and whitening to some transparent products after a period of time and lose transparency, while AUCAT-101/201 can avoid the problems of reducing transparency, fogging and whitening. 

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