PU Roller, Cyclone and other Elastomer

PU Roller

Application Fields:

PU Roller (cart wheel, roller skate wheel, etc.), rubber roller, mine sweeper, cyclone, etc

PU Roller

Product Features and Recommended Products:

1) The common features of catalyst adapted to curing materials using amine chain extenders

◢ For curing materials using diamine chain extenders, it is recommended to use: CUCAT-DG02, HA, PDAA, E02/E03, etc.

◢ For curing materials using diol chain extenders, it is recommended to use: CUCAT-HS、HSF、AUCAT-301


2) The common features of catalyst adapted to curing materials using amine chain extenders

◢ Balance the competitive reaction between diamine/diol and -NCO, which is conducive to the growth of molecular mass and the improvement of physical properties.

◢ It hardly catalyzes the reaction between NCO and water, and the product is transparent without bubbles.

◢ With long flow period and fast post curing, which is similar to organic mercury. Representative product CUCAT-DG02

PU Roller

◢ CUCAT-E02/E03 is used for highly active amine chain extender such as DETDA, to produce high transparency products such as roller skate wheels. The products won’t fog and turn opaque, and don’t appear any yellow marks in sealed environment such as carton, and meet the requirements of international environmental protection regulations for toys.


3) The common features of catalyst adapted to curing materials using diol chain extenders

◢ No foaming, reduce CO2 bubbles generated by moisture participating in the reaction, and solve the cured-surface problems such as foaming, bulging, peeling, pitting, cracking, etc.

◢ It can greatly reduce the shrinkage rate of products, reduce the stress cracking of products and the poor bonding of adhesive, which is due to the smoother rise curve of reaction temperature and more orderly controlled reaction.

◢ Reduce the process difficulty of products produced in MDI system and effectively reduce the rate of waste and defective products.

◢ For MDI + PTMG + BDO system to produce high elasticity electric forklift wheels, CUCAT-HS is recommended.

For MDI+PPG+BDO system, CUCAT-HSF is recommended.

For MDI+Polyether+BDO system, CUCAT-HS or CUCAT-SW is recommended.

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