Plastic Cement and Rubber Runway

Plastic Cement and Rubber Runway

1. Catalyst for Plastic Runway

I. General Purpose Organic Bismuth / Zinc Catalyst

Recommended Products: Organic Bismuth BCAT-20AP, ZCAT-X16, BX1124, BX-2123

1) It has the characteristics of general purpose organic bismuth and zinc: bismuth has high activity and zinc promotes post curing

2) Comparable to imported organic bismuth, stable quality, fine control production, no difference in catalytic performance.

3) Factory to factory direct selling mode, no intermediate sales, to avoid the risk of unstable quality.


II. V series catalysts with low TVOC: solution of TVOC exceeding standard.

Recommended Products: CUCAT-V17, CUCAT-V18

Two years of market practice after the release of the new national standard GB36246-2018 for the sports floor industry, more and more enterprises have realized that TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) is the main test item that leads to the unqualified test of plastic runway. The research results of Yourun are highly consistent with the big data traceability analysis results of authoritative third-party testing institutions—The main reason for TVOC exceeding the standard is the catalyst. Yourun V series catalysts are developed especially for the strict requirements of TVOC in the new national standard GB36246-2018. It is fully guaranteed by the two characteristics of high boiling point and reaction, and solves the problem of exceeding the standard of TVOC caused by isooctanoic / neodecanoic acid in organic bismuth / zinc catalysts.

1) The boiling point exceeds the upper limit of TVOC specified in the GB36246-2018 standard, the TVOC of raw materials and finished products will not be increased. 

2) V17/V18 are reactive catalysts, which can be grafted into the polymer chain segment and become a part of the polyurethane polymer runway. There is no free state, so it will not increase the TVOC of the plastic runway.

3) V18 is the main catalyst and V17 is the auxiliary catalyst to promote post curing. Reasonable combination of V18 and V17 can ensure sufficient leveling time and moderate curing time.


2. Catalyst for non yellowing glue: solve the problem of slow curing of one-component non yellowing polyurethane

Recommended Products: WCAT-WP01A

1) High activity: compared with T12, the material surface and internal curing time can be increased by more than 2 times.

2) Fast curing at low temperature in winter: when organic tin T-12 is used in non yellowing aliphatic isocyanate glue, it cures slow at high temperature in summer, and will not cure in winter.

3) Eco-friendly: it does not contain high toxic butyl tin, which is more suitable for the pavement of kindergartens, primary schools and other places.


3. Catalysts for micro foaming materials: solutions to the problems of foaming stability.

Recommended Products: CUCAT-W11A, CUCAT-HC

1) The catalytic activity is stable and controllable, effectively avoiding uncontrollable violent foaming under high temperature and high humidity conditions. By using the combination of HC and W11 according to the catalytic activity difference between water and isocyanate, the stability and effectiveness of micro foaming reaction under various temperature and humidity conditions are controlled.

2) The pores are fine, uniform and stable. Avoid large bulging and bubble collapse.


4. Eco-friendly odorless liquid chain extender: solution to environmental protection problems without MOCA

Recommended Products:TDMA-02、TDMA-G55

TDMA-02 and TDMA-G55 are eco-friendly liquid chain extenders, which are applicable to the strict requirements of Shanghai Group Standard for plastic runway. They are one of the most cost-effective products in the market at present. The selling price is close to MOCA, and the products have good post curing performanc. The features are as follows:

1) The product is non-toxic and the plastic runway is odorless. It does not contain MOCA ingredients and has no special odor of DMTDA (E300), which complies with strict environmental regulations.

2) It is liquid at room temperature and easy to use. It can be well miscible with other raw materials without heating. It is easy to use. Although the viscosity increases at low temperature, it will not crystallize.

3) The activity is moderate and easy for construction. It has lower activity than DMTDA (E300) but higher activity than MOCA. Combined with CUCAT-V series or bismuth zinc drier, the construction time can be more than 40 minutes, and it can be dried in 12 hours, which is convenient for construction.

4) Excellent physical properties, improved hardness, tensile strength and other mechanical indexes. After properly adjusting the formula, the physical properties are equivalent to those of MOCA and DMTDA.

5) G55 has a longer pot life time than 02.


TDMA-02 is used to replace MOCA in two-component plastic runway materials. The physical properties of the materials are as follows:

Material Ratio(Component A : Component B)Tensile Strength(Mpa)Elongation(%)Shore Hardness(A)
Natinal StandardMeasured ValueNatinal StandardMeasured ValueMeasured Value

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