Silicon PU Ball Court

Silicon PU Ball Court

Application Field: Silicon PU Ball Court.

resolve the problems of bubbling and slow curing at low temperature


Recommended Products: Silicon PU catalyst WCAT-WS2, WCAT-WS8


Product Features:

1) It provides sufficient flow time and effectively reduces bubbles and bulges. Compared with T-12, the synthetic glue has lower viscosity and  is more stable for storage. During construction, the viscosity is low and rises slowly with good  leveling. The mechanical bubbles wrapped in the glue and the bubbles generated by the initial reaction can fully overflow, which greatly reduce the pinholes and wrinkles on the surface after curing.


2) The surface and internal curing is fast at low temperature in winter. Especially at low temperature, it has excellent catalytic curing effect in the middle and late stage of curing. General  organic tin catalyst T-12 loses catalytic activity at low temperature. WS2 / WS8 still maintained relatively high catalytic activity at low temperature (10 ℃) and ambient humidity below 35%, which can effectively shorten the process time of  silicon Pu pavement at low temperature and solve the problem of slow curing in winter construction of the industry.The excellent feature of promoting the rapid curing of PU at low temperature is applicable not only to silicon PU, but also to the rapid curing of two-component plastic runway at low temperature (below 10 ℃) in winter. Only 0.1-0.5% WCAT-WS8 of component B is added to the organic bismuth / zinc of the existing plastic runway, which solves the quality and construction period problems caused by slow / non curing of silicon PU and  plastic runway at low temperature in autumn and winter.


3) WS8 has higher catalytic activity than WS2 and performs even better in TDI system


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