Product Selection Guide for Application in Polyurethane Plastic Cement or Plastic Runway and Stadium

Product NameModelPropertiesApplications
CatalystCUCAT-V17V series products are specially developed for the strict requirements of TVOC in the new national standard GB36246-2018. The products do not contain isooctanoic and neodecanoic acid. The two characteristics of reaction type and high boiling point fully ensure that the products meet the requirements of TVOC in the new national standard.Two component materials (fully plastic, mixed and composite runway, two-component silicon PU stadium)
BCAT-20APOrganic bismuth eco-friendly catalyst, bismuth metal content: 20% ± 0.5%
ZCAT-X16Organic zinc eco-friendly catalyst, zinc metal content:16% ± 0.5%
BX1124Bismuth zinc composite eco-friendly catalyst, organic bismuth: organic zinc = 1:4
BX2123Bismuth zinc composite eco-friendly catalyst, organic bismuth: organic zinc = 2:3
WCAT-WS2It does not inactivate at low temperature, solve the disadvantage of slow curing of T-12 material at low temperature. In the low temperature (5 ℃) test, it still maintains a good catalytic effect. The curing time is more than twice shorter than that of T-12. The activity of WS8 is much higher than T-12 in MDI / TDI system, and WS2 is relatively high in MDI system. Good storage stability and relatively low material viscosity.One component material(silicon PU, glue)
WCAT-WP01ASuitable for aliphatic isocyanate anti yellowing glue. The catalytic activity is about 2-3 times that of T12. It has high activity at low temperature and significant advantages in winter construction.Anti yellowing glue
CUCAT-HCSuitable for micro foaming playground materials. The two collocates freely (generally HC: W11A = 3 ~ 1.5:1) to flexibly adjust the foaming ratio, so as to provide stable and controllable fine, uniform and flat microbubble effect, and effectively avoid violent foaming and large bulging.Single and two componentMicro foaming material
Chain ExtenderTDMA-02The calculated equivalent is the same as MOCA, eco-friendly, MOCA free, low odor, liquid at room temperature, good mutual solubility with other raw materials without heating, fast curing and good flexibility of finished products. It can also be used for TDI and MDI silicon PU materials. Directly adding 1% - 2% into silicon PU materials can realize no foaming when the thickness of one construction exceeds 10mm.Plastic runway, Silicon PU material
Defoaming AgentYRXP-06High efficiency defoaming, suitable for mixing defoaming during runway / silicon PU production and static defoaming after paving.Plastic runway, Silicon PU material
Anti-settle Dispersing AgentYRFC-03SColorless liquid, which can be dispersed and adsorbed on the surface of a large number of powder particles by adding a very small amount. It effectively reduces the adsorption between powder particles, to achieve the purpose of preventing powder from settling and hardening at the bottom of the barrel.
Viscosity ReducerYRFC-06AHigh efficiency dispersion viscosity reducer, excellent powder dispersion, significantly reduce the system viscosity, prevent powder from settling and hardening at the bottom of the barrel, improve leveling, reduce the bubble problem caused by the difficult discharge of air in small holes common in the construction of concave convex base, increase the powder dosage and reduce the material cost. 

Catalysts and other polyurethane additives can be customized according to your needs.

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