Catalyst for Spray Polyurea (Polyurethane Urea)

Spray Polyurea (Polyurethane Urea)

Application Field:

Spray Polyurea (Polyurethane Urea)


Recommended Products:

CUCAT-HA02, organic bismuth BCAT-E16 (equivalent to imported organic bismuth 8118), etc


Product Features:

Compared with the general organic bismuth 8118, HA02 has the stronger characteristics of target and non foaming,and high activity at low temperature.

1. Effectively avoid foaming and bulging, the colloid is dense without bubbles and the strength is higher. It improves the adhesion fastness between the coating and the base surface. Compared with organic bismuth, it can effectively avoid the reaction between water and isocyanate, and greatly reduce the influence of wet substrate and water vapor on the coating under high temperature and high humidity conditions, which avoid the occurrence of hollowing and peeling caused by air bubbles at the bonding interface.

2. The curing is faster than organic bismuth at low temperature, which is more suitable for winter construction. Compared with organic bismuth, HA02 maintains higher catalytic activity in a wider temperature range.

3. It has better anti-aging effect than organic bismuth. HA02 has better aging resistance than organic bismuth.

4. The formula is flexible in material selection and reduces the cost. It has higher catalytic activity than organic bismuth, and allows more PPG to be used in the formula and reduces the use of expensive amine ethers and aromatic amines (DETDA / E100). Even if MOCA + PPG is used as active hydrogen component, it will not produce undesirable phenomena such as foaming and bulging.


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