CUWR-WB50T is multifunctional foam inhibitor for Polyurethane. It does not contain restricted components such as restricted heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and phthalates, and can pass the general environmental protection regulations.

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Product Model: CUWR-WB50T

Typical Properties

Appearance: Milky white viscous liquid or paste

Density (g/cm3, 25℃): 1.25

Smell: very faint smell

Solubility: Easy to disperse in common polyurethane raw materials.   



It is used to remove trace moisture from polyurethane raw materials. It is generally used in polyurethane industry, including various elastomers, coatings, adhesives and sealants in polyurethane field. The addition of CUWR-WB50T can lead to turbidity or reduce transparency of raw materials. Transparent products should be used with caution.


Features & Advantages:

◆ Eliminate chemical bubbles. It can absorb and eliminate the influence of trace water in raw materials, and effectively reduce bubbles, bulges, hollows, pinholes, cracks, peeling and other phenomena caused by the reaction of trace water with isocyanate to generate CO2.

◆ Eliminate physical bubbles. Based on the unique design of CUWR-WB50T, it absorbs trace water and has the auxiliary function of defoaming, which can effectively inhibit or eliminate the mechanical bubbles generated during the mixing of the system and accelerate the bubble breaking.

◆ Improve the wear resistance of polyurethane. The wear resistance of polyurethane can be improved to a certain extent when the addition amount ≥ 1%.


User's Guide:

▶ Add into polyurethane raw materials (polyols, plasticizers, solvents, etc.) that need to be dehydrated. Ensure good mixing and uniform dispersion. Generally, the effect can be achieved in 30 minutes after adding. If it is used to remove trace water from small molecular chain extenders such as BDO and TMP, it is recommended to use it after strong stirring and dispersion due to mutual solubility.

▶ The general dosage is 0.1 ~ 2% of the weight of raw materials to be dehydrated. If the water content has been determined, add it according to 3-5 times of the water content.

▶ Due to the high viscosity, if conditions permit, it is recommended to heat it to 50-60 ℃ before use and then use it after stirring evenly.

▶ Settlement and stratification will occur after long-term storage. It must be mixed evenly before use; It is recommended to be stored with the bucket mouth upside down to facilitate rapid and uniform mixing when use.

▶ Be sure to seal and store immediately after use


Handling & Storage:

Please store in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight and rain. It is recommended to be stored with the bucket mouth upside down


Package: 25kg / 200kg in HDPE drum


Shelf Life: The unopened shelf life is 24 months from production date. 

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