Functional Polyurethane Additives

Functional PU Additives are general purpose additives for polyurethane. Yourun additive products include Defoaming Agent, Abrasion-resistant Agent, Antistatic Agent, Anti-yellowing Antioxidant, Release Agent, Moisture Removing Agent, Foam Inhibitor, Anti-settle Dispersing Agent, Viscosity Reducer, etc.


In view of the application problems in the subdivided field of polyurethane, Yourun also provides a small amount of functional additives other than catalysts, which are listed as follows. Please click the product model to see more details of the product.

Representative products are as follows, please click the Product Model to see more details.

Product NameProduct ModelAppearanceProduct PropertiesApplication Field
DefoamerYRXP-02Colorless transparent liquidNon silicon efficient defoamer, good transparency,  and has little effect on the transparency of products.CASE field such as elastomer, coating, etc.
YRXP-06Semitransparent liquid High efficiency defoamer, good foam inhibition and breaking effect, fast defoaming.General purpose field, especially filler contained systems.
Abrasion-resistant AgentCUBD-NM01/NMFColorless transparent liquidGreatly improve the abrasiveness of PUPU wheel, roller and other elastomer
Antistatic AgentCUCE-WColorless Transparent liquidNo foaming, no reduction in hardness, no effect on strength; High efficiency and low dosage.CASE field such as elastomer, floor coating and other coating, etc.
Anti-yellowing AntioxidantUVK-CL2Yellowish transparent liquidMigration resistance, yellowing resistance, high efficiency and less dosage; Light color does not affect the appearance.Various applications of polyurethane
UVK-TAColorless Transparent LiquidResist thermal oxidation and yellowing, and prevent yellowing in the reaction processVarious transparent and light colored polyurethane products
Release AgentCUBD-DCColorless transparent liquidConcentrated liquid, not affect the surface printing of the productElastomer, microporous elastomer, etc
Moisture Removing Agent / Foam Inhibitor  CUWR-WB50TMilk white viscous liquidEliminate the influence of trace moisture in raw materials and reduce bubbles, bulges, hollows, pinholes and other phenomena.CASE field such as elastomer, floor coating and other coating, etc.
CUWR-WB20Colorless transparent liquid
Anti-settle Dispersing Agent / viscosity reducerYRFC-01Milk white waxNon ionic and neutral. Avoid the disadvantage of reducing thermal aging resistance caused by acidic dispersant.  improve leveling property, reduce viscosity, and prevent powder filler from settling at the bottom of the barrel. FC-03/03S has micro thixotropic effect, similar to BYK-410.Filler contained systems, floor coating, and other coating, etc.
YRFC-03/03SColorless transparent liquid
YRFC-06ABrown transparent liquidExcellent dispersion performance, significantly reduce the viscosity of the system, improve leveling property, reduce the bubble problem caused by small holes in the substrate, and prevent the sinking and hardening of powder stored for a long time.It is recommended to be used for solvent-free two-component PU coating with filler, foaming A material, etc. to greatly reduce viscosity and prevent precipitation and hardening.

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