CUBD-DC is a high-concentrated printable release agent for casting polyurethane in wide applications.

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Product Model: CUBD-DC

Typical Properties 

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Density (g/cm3, 25℃) : 1.07

Viscosity (mPa.s, 25℃): 1200

Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in dichloromethane, gasoline, alkane solvent etc.



It is recommended to various CPU elastomers applications, especially for the production process of skating wheels and skateboard wheels with strict surface requirements.


Features & Advantages:

▶ Surface printable without adhesion affecting of transfer printing process.

Normal silicon release agent will permeate and pollute the surface of PU materials, resulting in failure printing. CUBD-DC is fluorine modified, ensuring perfect demoulding effect, moreover avoiding failure printing.

▶ Smooth and glossy surf ace, excellent appearance.

Good lubricity of CUBD-DC can ensure to form a thin-uniform film on the surface of materials, which can avoid matt, stains, strip-flowing and other defects, suitable for producing high gloss materials.

▶ Chemical inertia, non-corroding to mould surface.

Chemical inertia of CUBD-DC will not corrode the metal, plastic(PP) mould surface, and the gloss of mould surface will not be down for long-term use. It is quite important to wheel producer who use metal and PP moulds.

CUBD-DC will not be decomposed in 120℃ working temperature for long-term use, and will not scale-forming in moulds as well.

▶ Excellent demoulding effect, easy to be demoulded.

▶ Comparing with normal silicone release agent, CUBD-DC demonstrates excellent demoulding effect, materials demoulding easily. The skateboard wheels produced in cup mould can be easily demoulded by air gun blowing.


Storage: Product should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight and excessive heat.


Package: 25kg/200kg in HDPE drum


Shelf Life: Unopened shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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