Anti-Hydrolysis Polyurethane Catalyst AUCAT-101

AUCAT-101 is newest anti-hydrolysis catalyst base on metal carboxylate specially formulated for polyurethane coatings. It is proprietary mixed organo metallic complex without the toxicity concerns, and can pass China and EU environmental regulations.

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Product Model: AUCAT-101

Typical Properties

Appearance: Yellowish transparent liquid

Chroma (Fe-Co): ≤3

Density (g/cm3, 25℃): 1.090

Viscosity (mPa.s, 25℃): 14000±3000

Solubility: Soluble in various polyether polyols, polyester resins, hydroxy acrylic resins.



Specially formulated for 2K polyurethane coatings, e.g. for automotive refinish coatings, industrial coatings, and also 1K coatings formulated with blocked isocyanates. AUCAT-101 performs high activity in these systems.


Features & Advantages:

● AUCAT-101 shows excellent hydrolytic stability in coating systems with high solvent content.

● Accelerate the chemical reaction between the polyol and isocyanate components of polyurethane coating systems, speed up the drying properties both surface and solid of paint film whatever it is room temperature curing or high temperature forced-drying.

● Ensure fast blocking stability of coating film and provides increased film hardness, earlier solvent resistance and allows earlier sanding.

● Excellent compatibility with various resins with no concern of gloss decrease.

● Reduce or eliminate bubbles, bulges and spots. Almost non-catalytic activity of the reaction between isocyanate and water, directly catalyzing isocyanates and polyols. This can prevent the CO2 bubbles formed and obtain satisfied paint film.

● Long pot-life and short solid-drying time.

Tin-free and without toxic heavy metals, comply with strict environmental regulations. To be used as environmental substitutes of tin-based products like DBTL.

Anti-Hydrolysis Polyurethane Catalyst AUCAT-101

User's Guide:

● Suggest adding in polyols resin component.

● Levels of 0.05-0.2% as supplied by weight on total polyol resins component volume. The exact amount depends on the used resins and should be determined by means of preliminary trials.

Handling & Storage:

Protect from the effects of weathering and store in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight and excessive heat.

Once opened, containers should be resealed immediately after each removal of the product, exposure to atmosphere should be avoided.


Package: 25kg/200kg in HDPE drum

Shelf Life: The unopened shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacture.

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